More About me

Before you read please keep in mind that I followed a online tutorial / template to write all these, while everything mentioned below is true, it might sound too boasty, which is something that was preached in the tutorial please I am not guilty dont put me in the jail nooo...

Who am I?

I am TRB, a part-time freelance Video Editor
currently building a community-based creative freelance agency.

What problem do you solve?

I edit videos and design content for businesses to reach the maximum number of their target audience.

How do I solve it?

I make engaging and eye-catching designs embedded in well-edited videos to convert viewers into audience and audience into fans.

What makes me different from my competitors?

I am a polymath and have an understanding of various types of businesses, but it's my years of experience with editing video and graphics that gives me my unfair advantage over the competition Plus, I use color psychology and design principles to make my edited video/graphics not only super appealing but also engaging. I have even worked for brands like Netflix and Avalon Meta.

Looking forward to work with me?

I usually work remotely for my clients and have no problem working with different types of businesses. Do you know anyone who could benefit from my service?

Name: TRB Job Title / Industry: Freelance Video Editor Skill #1: Video Editing Skill #2: Graphic Design Skill #3: Project-Management Location: Remote Education: Self-taught Career Length: 4 years Known Brand #1: Netflix Known Brand #2: Avalon meta Known Brand #3: Saiman Says Award #1: Edited videos for Netflix and Saiman has over a million views Award #2: My pages on social media has around 15-20k followers on average Award #3: My edited videos have been shared by people like Beerbicep, Abhish Mathew, and Varun Mayya Something Unique #1: I write a blog every Sunday about my week Something Unique #2: Love reading psychology and neuroscience books What You Want: Freelance Clients Micro-Elevator Pitch: Arey bhai aur likha nhi jata

Summary Statement

Hello, I am a Freelance Video Editor specializing in YouTube Commentary Videos, Promo Videos, and Social Media Graphic Designs.
I make engaging and eye-catching designs embedded in well-edited videos to convert viewers into audience and audience into fans.
I am looking to work with great clients on a freelance basis.

Summary Paragraph

My name is TRB. I am a freelance video Editor based in India with then four years of experience.
I have worked with brands like Netflix, Avalon Meta, and Saiman Says, Providing Full-length YouTube video Edits, Social Media Shorts (reels), and Graphic Design services.
Besides editing videos, I have been writing a blog every Sunday on my website for over a year now.

Summary Biography

Hello, my name is TRB. I am a freelance video editor based in India. I am currently building a community-based freelance agency with some of the most skilled freelancers working for clients worldwide.
I have been editing videos and graphics for the last 4+ years and have worked with all types of clients, from hobbyist YouTubers to big businesses like Netflix and Avalon Meta.
My edited videos for YouTubers such as 'Saiman says' have gotten 100k+ likes, and the ones I did for Netflix this year have all crossed over million views.
I gained my skills in editing after running a video meme page back in 2018 and taking it to 20k+ Followers combined across all social media platforms and reaching almost 800k+ people on YouTube.
Along with the meme page, I started a few other pages under my personal brand and, in the process, learned a lot more about videos and graphics and, most importantly, human psychology, which happens to be one of the fields I am very much interested in.
When I am not making cuts to video, I write and publish a blog and a podcast episode every weekend revolving around my journey of understanding the world both online and offline.
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PS: If you are someone looking for an editor or an all-in-one generalist! Hit me up.
Let's talk and figure out if me and my team and can be of value to you.